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Study the Bible Yourself, It’s Not That Hard, All You Need is a Few Simple Keys to Get You Started

Reading the Bible for yourself isn’t excessively hard. All you need is a Bible and a Dictionary. It’s that basic. Gracious, and you have to realize where to begin. I suggest beginning with the book of Genesis and reading up through the book of Exodus part twenty. After this things get somewhat convoluted and are best left for last reading.

Next Start Reading the New-Testament

Simply read along looking into the words you don’t comprehend or might want to find out about. This is the general idea. You are reading the Bible for yourself. Nobody is mentioning to you what to think. You are in charge. There is no Bible instructor or evangelist harassing you putting their own inclination on the Bible. You are reading the “unadulterated” word. This is the most ideal approach is to learn how to read the Bible_on your own.

The Bible is a Prophetic Book

Did you realize that the Bible is a prophetic book? I’m not catching that meaning? It implies what is written in the Bible didn’t originate from the brain of man, yet from God. Men composed as the soul gave them expression, as the soul enlivened them to talk, at that point they recorded it much like directing a letter, however what they said didn’t originate from their brain, yet from the soul of God. That is the means by which we got the Bible. Isn’t so extraordinary! It is so basic and thus obvious.


Thus, you can read the Bible for yourself. You needn’t bother with anybody mentioning to you what it implies. You can make sense of it for yourself utilizing your word reference and psyche that God Himself provided for you. Glad Reading!

Lydia Jimenez

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